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Welcome to April's Massage, where we offer Schaumburg, IL a wide array of massage services by trained masseuses. We aim to keep you feeling healthy while we indulge your body in pampering bliss.

The benefits of massage are age-old and are known by many cultures all over the world. As a healing and relaxing method, massage has no equal. A massage means more than just feeling good for the moment. Instead, the effects of a massage last long after you leave us, and you will be able to feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Today's life is filled with stress and tension and can affect a person both mentally and physically on a daily basis. When one is stressed, every aspect of one's life is affected and it can be very uncomfortable for you.

Alleviating stress and its unhealthy effects on your physical and mental well-being is one of the many benefits of massages. Using techniques that are fine-tuned, our massage experts will help you relax, unwind and soothe your muscles. You'll feel the effects immediately and it will be great! Not only will your body feel better, but your mind will be more at ease and you will go about your day feeling more rested and less stressed.

We believe in obtaining good health by relaxing the body through mental rejuvenation, something we always promote. By caring about yourself, you can turn your health aims into achievable personal goals.

If you are interested in visiting us for one of our sessions or simply want to know more about what we offer, give us a call today.

Customer Testimonial:
Wonderful and On Time
By Henry0775- 10/05/2011
Was a great massage and they have Friendly and Nice girls who know how to really give a real relaxing massage. Have used Aprils Massage several times !!!

April’s Massage offers a large selection of sports massage, deep tissue massage and stress relief throughout Schaumburg, IL and the surrounding areas.

April’s Massage
601 N Martingale Rd
Schaumburg, IL  60173

2222 W. Armitage Ave.

Chicago, IL 60647   

15 minute free Shiatsu foot massage as you wait

Phone: (847) 312-8621

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April’s MassageShiatsu massage services(847) 312-8621